Dr. Dandelion

I created my company, Dr. Dandelion, from a desire to live a simple, beautiful & authentic life.  It’s grown into a company whose mission has become helping you to live closer to the things you care about.

It’s built on 3 core commitments to your Body, Heart & Soul.

We create all natural, organic body care products that are simple & good for you (www.DrDandelion.com )

We support non-profit projects that we care about( www.Cicrinus.org)

and we write a soulful blog (www.SoulReason.me) to speak to your willingness to create the life you’ve dreamed of.

It all works together as this big, beautiful & positive whole.  It’s a great reason to come to work every morning.



2 thoughts on “Dr. Dandelion

  1. Kalani on said:

    Your lip rescue is the best lip balm out there. I lost count after almost 75. Yours is the most moisturizing and has real staying power. I’ve been in the pursuit of the best lip balm for about 4 years now. Yours always win! Thank you!

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