Ducks in a row…


I used to think that freedom, happiness, peace (you insert what you’re looking for), came after all “my ducks were in a row”.  It made me think of a story that happened a long time ago.

When my daughter was little we noticed out the window the ducks that had made their nest in the pond behind the house were making their way down to the river.  There was mama duck leading the way.  We counted 10 baby ducks all in a row marching directly behind their mama in a completely straight line!  All except the last one.  It kept falling over, scrambling back up only to take a few steps before toppling over again.  This went on until they were all safely down to the river.  It was one of the cutest things I had ever seen.  What made the story was the little duck that kept falling over. It was the best part.

Keep getting up, it’s what makes life worth it.

It’s the best part



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